Mental health conditions are often invisible and are not treated the same as physical ailments. The stigma surrounding mental health coupled with its invisible nature allows many afflicted people to go untreated. How can we elevate mental health to the same societal status as physical health? We can start by making the invisible visible, and bringing dialogues around mental health to the forefront. Through collage, painting, glitched media, and digital drawing, I take the viewer through the same journey anxiety takes me, forging a connection.
Award + Exhibition
This piece won a Merit Award in the Fall 2014 Studies in Creativity exhibition; it was 1 of 27 exhibits chosen from 300+ entries. 
Grant + Project Expansion
In fall of 2019 I received a grant to expand this project in collaboration Tasoulla Hadjiyanni and her design + mental health research. I designed 10 scarves, which depict the most common mental health conditions. With these scarves, people can proudly wear their invisible illnesses to begin to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health.
Studies in Creativity Exhibition
Additional Art for 2019 Project Expansion
I'm currently working on this project and will add more images of the work as it progresses.
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