This generation of graphic designers aspire to do more than create aesthetically pleasing work; this generation wants to change the world with design. How do we, as instructors, cater to this desire? We adapt our teaching methods and practices to align with today’s reality.
I wrote Graphic Design Social as a guide for both students instructors who are new to designing for social change. Not only does this book outline methods of teaching and learning social design, it prompts the reader to analyze assumptions about what design is capable of doing and it (hopefully) inspires the reader to design with a renewed sense of purpose.
My colleague, Julian Osorio, and I designed this book to match the energy we each felt when working on our first social design project. We hoped that this energy would translate through design and excite the readers into trying something that may be out of their comfort zones. We created generative art and glitched images for this purpose.
 Written by Calee A.H. Cecconi (c.himes cecconi); designed in collaboration with Julian Osorio. The teaching methods outlined in this book are based on those of Bernard Canniffe, Dorothy Maitland Miller Professor and Chair of Graphic Design at Iowa State University.
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